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About me

Growing up I spent much of my time in the kitchen helping my mother cook. She was always cooking huge amounts of delicious food, a mixture of Japanese, western and recipes from wherever we happened to be living at the time. I have always associated food and the aromas of cooking with home, my ultimate comfort.

At university, I probably spent far too much time entertaining friends for dinner rather than studying. Once I was married and had small children I was determined to feed them home cooked ‘baby’ food rather than from jars, spending hours preparing vegetables and baby friendly concoctions. We are now lucky enough to have a wonderful kitchen garden and I have become increasingly fascinated by what we can grow around the year. It has enabled me to connect with nature and I love the rhythm of the seasons, eating vegetables and fruit at the peak of their season as well as finding ways of storing the surplus. My husband and four children are thankfully equally enthusiastic about good food. Food has become my love language – whether for celebrations, homecomings or just a meal with family or friends, I get excited about creating something delicious.

With two children now at university and living in their own accommodation, I was getting constant text messages for recipes and shopping lists and thus the idea of Home Cooks was born. Instead of responding to their near daily requests, I would put out images, ideas and recipes for delicious, healthy, cheap and easy to prepare meals.

Food is a necessity but cooking is also a wonderful way to relax. I love being able to plan, harvest, gather and to cook. I often find myself putting off other jobs to cook or bake. Sharing food with people we love is a joy. Sharing food with those we don’t know so well enables us to connect in a way other activities don’t. I firmly believe that cooking is a skill which can be acquired by anyone and I am passionate about equipping the next generation with the ability to put together nutritious and delicious meals with whatever you may have available in terms of ingredients and budget.

Registered Nutritional Therapist, Nicky Denvir has helped with nutrion advice in putting together this website. Nicky is passionate about good food as I am. She holds an MSc in Personalised Nutrition and works one-on-one with individual clients as well as running group programmes and giving talks on topics realted to nutriotion and health. For more information about Nicky go to:

I hope you will enjoy following not only my recipes but also how to think about food and what you eat every day.