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About the recipes

All my recipes are much loved, tried and tested. I want to stress from the beginning that the list of ingredients are never cast in stone.

For me, cooking is about using what is available and being sensible about what is ‘necessary’ in a particular recipe and what can be left out or substituted. Also, other than in baking, the quantity and ratio of ingredients is just a suggestion and I urge you to acquire a feel for what works for you and the strength of flavours or textures you like in what you eat.

Similarly for cooking times and temperatures, what I specify in the recipes are ‘rules of thumb.’ Ovens vary enormously as do the sizes of whatever you are cooking so try to become familiar with your own kitchen and ingredients. Just remember that you can always add ingredients e.g. salt but can’t take it out! Similarly you can always cook for longer but once overcooked, food cannot be uncooked and may not taste as good.

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