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Rhubard & ginger cordial

Best to drink and beautiful to look at!


Makes 2 large bottles

1kg rhubarb chopped into 2cm pieces
30g fresh ginger peeled and cut into chunks
500g goldengranulated sugar
600ml water

Put the rhubarb in a large pan, add the ginger and water. Bring to a boil and cook until soft, approximately 40 minutes. Strain in a muslim bag or teatowel overnight or equivalent. Add the sugar to the strained juice and heat dissolving all the sugar. Pour into sterilized bottles and cap them.

To sterilize the bottles, either wash them in hot soapy water and put them in the oven at 140°C for 20 minutes, also put caps or tops in boiling water. Alternatively wash them in a dishwasher and use straight away.

They will last for up to 6 months stored in a cool place, refridgerate once opened.

Approximate cost £3.61 (£1.30 per bottle)