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Tempura courgette flowers

The joy of home grown courgettes – deep frying the flowers with crispy tempura batter. Beg some from anyone you know who grows them or buy from a farm shop. Serve immediately with a wedge of lemon.


Serves 2 as a starter or side dish

6 any number of courgette flowers with or without baby courgettes left on
50g plain flour – sieved
100ml ice cold water
pinch of sea salt

vegetable oil

Mix flour, water and salt in a bowl briefly, don’t over mix – it doesn’t matter if it looks lumpy.

Clean courgette flowers – checking for soil or bugs. If you need to wash them, dry them well with kitchen towel.

Heat oil in a deep frying pan (deep enough to cover the flowers), wok or any other suitable pan. Heat to 160°C. Dip flowers into the batter and place carefully into hot pan – fry for approximately 3 minutes, turning half way. Put on a plate with kitchen towel.

Approximate cost £2