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Week of 10th February. You may be eating out on Friday, alternatively you could cook something delicious for the one or those you love?

Nearly at reading week for some. Spend some time over the weekend cooking (like the tart), its very relaxing if you have all the right ingredients and equipment to hand.


Serves 2 for the week

1 onions
3 red onions
3 garlic cloves
5 peppers, any colour, not green
2 baking potatoes
1 large or 2 small sweet potatoes
250g cherry tomatoes on the vine
200g cavolo nero or black kale (normal kale is fine too)
3 aubergines
bag of basil
fresh corriander
piece of ginger (you should have some in your freezer)
1 red chilli
2 sticks lemon grass
1 lemons
1 lime
2 oranges

packet of sliced sourdough bread (freeze & use per slice)
200g soft goat’s cheese
large ball of mozarella
bag of grated or block of cheddar
2 salmon or sea trout filets
2 lean pork chops
150ml double cream

3 packs unsalted butter
12 eggs
1 400g tin chickpeas
1 400g coconut milk
plain flour
baking powder
230g ground almonds
caster sugar
light muscovado sugar
curry powder
Japanese curry roux
wholegrain basmati rice
Japanese ‘sushi’ rice
packet of walnuts
panko breadcrumbs (or large breadcrumbs, you could make your own if you have odd pieces in the freezer)
soy sauce
fish sauce
balsamic vinegar
sea salt & freshly ground pepper
olive oil
vegetable oil

Proposed meal plan:
Obviously you can cook & eat in any order you like.
For recipes go to & search each recipe.

Monday – Roasted pepper & goats cheese tart
Tuesday – Chickpea curry
Wednesday – Tomato, pepper & fetta frittata
Thursday – Baked potatoes
Friday – Roasted salmon with sweet potatoes & tomatoes
Weekend – Katsu curry

Snacks – Baba ghanoush, orange & almond cake

Approximate cost £38.00, assuming you have a few things in your cupboard & not starting from scratch with every ingredient.